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Updated: Mar 24

A little video talking about Dürer. A Contemporary of so many visual artists from Renaissance, he was an engraver, draughtsman and painter. He had a magnificent way of drawing with crosshatching, very efficient, less fuzzy (if I dare say) than Leonardo da Vinci. His engravings were revolutionary, because of this detailed manner of him, some of them famous because of their size. He made very precise studies of several subjects, including natural ones, and include them in large painting compositions in a manner of cut and paste.

He used abstractions, in his watercolors and painting’s backgrounds. He was a theorist, looking for the ideal dimensions of nature - which I do, too. Ultimately, he revealed himself sceptical whether beauty can be created this way. He said « truly, art is embedded in nature. The person who can extract it, owns it » and also: « whoever can show me how to make the most beautiful picture, him I shall consider the greatest master ».

Studying his process has opened me large doors for more composed and meaningful representations… therefore I consider him a master.

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