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The Penrose project:

Exploring the intersection of nature, mathematics, and human experience, my latest photographic series is a visual symphony orchestrated with the golden ratio's precision and the complexity of quasi-crystals and Penrose tilings. This project began with capturing film photographs of people and trees—two of nature's profound symbols of growth and endurance. Each image is meticulously overlaid with Penrose tiles during digital post-processing, transforming the original captures into proofs of a deeper, mathematical truth. In collaboration with portrait artist Nicolas Sultan, this body of work unveils a unique narrative that blends organic forms with geometric precision, highlighting the underlying patterns that connect us all. The series culminates in an upcoming exhibition in Paris, starting June 5th, where these photographs will invite viewers to peer through the lens of mathematical beauty and discover the structured yet transparent layers of existence. Complementing the photographs, my video work captures the dynamic interplay between trees and people, further enriching this study. The practice of watercolor, with its inherent transparency, has been instrumental in this journey, allowing me to explore and reveal the underlying structures of space through the delicate portrayal of living forms.

Penrose Tiling by Fleur Thesmar
Apple Tree, Cape Cod
Apple Tree, Cape, Cod, with Penrose tilings
Pine Tree Cape Cod
Pine Tree Cape Cod Penrose
Great Oak, Tarn, France
Great Oak, Tarn, France and Penrose
Magnolia in Ithaca NY
Magnolia Ithaca NY Penrose
Portrait 1 by Nicolas Sultan, Penrose by Fleur Thesmar
Portrait 2 by Nicolas Sultan, , Penrose by Fleur Thesmar
Portrait 3 by Nicolas Sultan, , Penrose by Fleur Thesmar
Portrait 4 by Nicolas Sultan, Penrose by Fleur Thesmar
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