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Taking back my abstract artwork.

Updated: Mar 24

Hello! I have recently been giving more attention to my purely abstract artwork, finding that the grids I have developed, based on the golden number, have an incredible effect that I should work on and show off better, even if it's maybe just another path towards oblivion. So many images produced, and for whom?

Abstract art has been strongly developed for construction, with cubism then rectangular shapes and angles, or deconstruction: rejecting en masse what doesn't come from spontaneous brush strokes, drips or stains. And nowadays it brings forward a lot of practices influenced by the overwhelming flow of images, such as image recycling, and questions about identity or memory.

Questions of structures in image making finally seem to be a bit forgotten or rejected, as if they could become a new set of dreadful rules. But the rules of art are actually sanctified through structures of art dealers and academics, who have nothing to envy in terms of domination to the old European painting academies of the 18th century, except they don't even produce images themselves. But I'm ranting... hehe

Yet we don't question the mere fact that the visible world obeys a set of rules: it could be the mere structure of DNA or everywhere when special numbers show their preeminence. And it's troubling to see that these are universal, not only in the small studio. Even if we were able to destroy our whole solar system, they would still exist independently of us. That point is scientifically debatable but that's what I believe.

After two or three years where I have made a lot of small studies based on my golden number- based grids, I'm happy to be able to paint today in a seemingly spontaneous way while using actually a set of strong rules. Sometimes I control them through digital tools which allow me to see how I comply to the grids, or to weave together several images. The practice currently covers me of joy, notwithstanding the fact that I have at least found art products which are safe for me and others. The images are to me like small natural objects, which never want to replace anything in the world, but are just part of the natural creation. I hope I'll be able to share with you the marvelous effect of sacred proportions! Cheers.

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