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The beauty of the Fresh Pond (Reservation Art Print)

Discover the beauty of the Fresh Pond (Reservation art print) in Cambridge, MA through this enchanting watercolor!

This piece captures the essence of a tranquil scene, showing the vibrant hues of wildflowers amidst ushering in greenery. Would you guess which season it was? Each brushstrokes embodies the beauty of New England’s flora.

How to discover in real life the beauty of New England’s reservations? These sanctuaries are not only for flowers and trees, but for a very diverse wildlife threatened by urban expansion. ↘️

1. Bring home a piece of new England’s beauty with a print available here! The original has sold. 2. Let’s protect these precious landscapes for future generations… for instance, join an association such as Mass Audubon, one of the most important associations around to defend these areas. They provide ressources on parks to visit and propose actions. 3. Share here in comments what other associations and resources are useful around!

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