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Sketchbook and finished watercolors. Elevate an interior design.

Updated: Mar 24

Hello! Elevate an interior design with artworks and art prints. I am always trying my artworks to test them in real life.

A new video to show my sketchbook and watercolors in real size. The practice of keeping a sketchbook helped me in recent years:

  • to select methods of drawing and monotype, especially for the very difficult grids that I am using. Part of their charm is that they're more difficult to read than rectangular lines, but it's also what makes them so difficult to draw! I wanted to be free from precision and found out how to reach for an ideal without being bound to geometry.

  • to test art products that are not harmful nor emitting volatile chemicals. I am sensitive to them and needed safe products, I am very happy that my artworks are sustainable and environmentally friendly, with exceptional quality from Rublev's, Kremer or Charvin art companies.

  • to journal my experiments. The frustration was sometime unbearable and I threw away some them. Luckily I kept pictures that will inform my future work.

  • Thanks for reading me!

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