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Embrace wild, unscripted beauty!

🌿✨ Embrace wild, unscripted beauty as seen through my lens and brush. 🎨💐 With each stroke and snapshot, I chase the vivacity of meadows, the sacred stand of cedars, the wonderful identity of small flowers —narrating the colorful whispers of the earth itself.

This print is from dahlias, a piece I called at the time “they don’t toil” as in the gospels. The original watercolor, 22x30 inches are sold, but the print is available here

Find the words of those touched by this beauty— a testimony, a shared breath of joy. 💌

🌼 Let these pieces, vibrant with the truth of nature’s palette, echo the poetry of the everyday, the beauty thriving on the fringes of our concrete realms.

Discover more—link in bio. Bring these poetic scenes into your world, and let us converse in the language of leaves and light below. 🌱💬

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