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New Photographic and Ink Series Available with RedDot Culture

I am delighted to announce that a new series of my photographs will be launched this week for acquisition through RedDot Culture.

Watch the short movie where I display the photographies here.

These works, meticulously printed for accessibility, are offered in limited editions, with the largest dimension available being 16x20 inches. Each photograph captures the essence of Parisian floristry, immortalizing the ephemeral beauty of blooms within the urban tapestry of the city.

In addition to these photographic works, I have brought back a collection of ink drawings on exquisite Asian paper, created from life in the heart of Paris. These pieces, featuring sumptuous bouquets sourced from local florists, embody the vibrancy and elegance of Parisian floral artistry. The delicate ink strokes on the refined paper highlight the intricate details and dynamic compositions of these floral arrangements.

Both the photographs and the ink drawings reflect a commitment to capturing the transient beauty of flowers and the transformative power they hold within everyday settings. Through RedDot Culture, I hope to share these moments of splendor, offering collectors an opportunity to bring a piece of Parisian elegance into their own spaces.

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