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Scanning my negatives

My floral watercolor prints are available here, where I will make some of the photo prints available soon. I couldn't resist to publish a small movie about the scanning process. Some of these photos are already available with Galerie de Paris, in the Village Suisse, 75015 Paris, while others will be made available on printed archival paper soon.

These double exposure photographs, either developed traditionally on baryte paper or printed on archival paper, showcase my journey through Paris. Initially, the city's constant rain and neutral tones felt gloomy, but the vibrant displays from Parisian florists brought a newfound joy and inspiration. These photographs are unique, poetic explorations of contrast and light, created during my walks with a film camera. They showcase the happy and talented art of Parisian florists.

Some of the photos have been professionally scanned by a photographer. Here I use the Kodak scanning app, and an iPhone which allows me to check on the negatives. You can visualize the physical object being unrolled, like a movie. The process is completely different from the digital post-production and its arcanes - the magic of double exposure just lies in the instants who add up on the film.

Following the exhibition of "The Penrose Project", I will hopefully have other announcements to make very soon. Stay tuned!!

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