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Two Special Events

I’m thrilled to announce two special events that are close to my heart:

Exhibition: « Flowers & Paris » 🏙️🌹🇫🇷

Dive into a unique visual journey with my latest exhibition, featuring double exposure film photography that captures the essence of Paris in crispy black and white, and floral watercolors - some of them you’ve already seen here. Explore the liminal spaces where nature meets urbanity, from enchanting flower shops to the banks of the Seine. Don’t miss this sweet experience at the end of April!

Lomography Interview 📸💬

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at my creative process in a special interview with #Lomography (see here). From my inspirations to the intricacies of film photography, discover what drives my passion for capturing the world in a different light. Check out the screen capture video of the interview for a glimpse into my artistic journey.

Stay tuned for more details, and I can’t wait to share these moments with you all! 🎥✨

Enjoy the day 🌞


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