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Spring Day in Paris

A video inspired by "The Angel and the Rose", by Jean Arp, shot the 12th and 13th of April 2024 in Paris. A bit of poetry revolving under the blooming trees.

On a spring day in Paris, the sunlight washed over the city as clear and bright as a new dawn. The video captured this essence—with the charm of a hastily sketched painting, where each stroke holds vigor despite its rapid execution. The lens traced the casual ballet of Parisians meandering through parks and bustling along streets, capturing fleeting moments: laughter, the quick steps of busy lives, light dresses fluttering in the gentle breath of early spring.

Trees reached skyward, their spirals mirrored by the camera’s turns and the dancers—people who crossed the frame, their movements fluid, almost choreographed against the backdrop of blooming flowers. Each bloom was a splash of color, vibrant against the lush greens, every petal alight, every leaf glossed with the sheen of new life.

It was a video of life, unpolished yet vibrant, framed by the vivid tableau of Paris awakening in the spring warmth, where even the stones of the old city seemed to stir with renewed spirit.

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