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The Penrose Project - From the 5th to 26th of June

Updated: Jun 20

4 rue Scipion, Paris 75005 (Tue 25th and Wed 26th 5:30-7:30)

Have you ever experienced a vision that changes your perception of the world? Stendhal describes such an overwhelming emotion during his stay in Florence, where he felt his heart pound and life exhaust itself upon leaving a church, a sensation now known as Stendhal Syndrome. Similarly, Romain Rolland's "oceanic feeling" refers to the eternal perception of things as described by Spinoza.

A few years ago, I had a vision of a Stellata Magnolia in full bloom, which revealed its nature as a living crystal. This inspired me to explore Professor Penrose's theories on tiling and the "shape of things" or the "structure of the world." Initially using these lines in my paintings, I shifted to photography after reading Susan Sontag’s "On Photography," and later, to film after watching a testimony by videographer Bill Viola.

My reflections on the fractal nature of Penrose tiling convinced me of their relevance to the human form, echoing the ancient sculptors' use of the golden ratio. During a visit to my home in the Tarn last summer, amidst an oak forest, I proposed that Nicolas apply my aesthetic theory to his portraits of Arlesians, leading to the creation of The Penrose Project and the series we present today.

In New York, Nicolas invited Clémence, a writer and religion professor at Columbia University, and Michaël, his cousin and founder of Sixième Son, to join the project with their texts and music. Clémence's beautiful writing offers a mystical interpretation of the project, while Michaël's music, which ranges from airy textures to deep bass, accompanies my film in a highly experiential manner, capturing the essence of nature and grounding the visitor.

We are infinitely grateful to them. Together, we hope to share with you the harmony of worlds that has touched us.

Fleur Thesmar

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