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Video photo as art medium

Updated: Mar 24

Check out this video below for sound and proof examples! I first used video and photo as art medium, first for reference for my artworks, whether watercolors or oils. I was reluctant to do it, because I know that perspective is not very efficient to represent deep scape, such as the great canyon, for instance. And because of my travels, I was committed to find how composition in painting could help representing space. Video and photo also provided nice unexpected events or scenes. Then two things happened:

  • I witnessed a particular movement in trees that affected deeply the way I perceive space, and that has inspired my compositions since them.

  • I began to use video and photo as a testimony of my own movement, the perceived movements of others and finally to represent my renewed notion of space.

Video and photo became an art medium to me, while my idea of space and movement came from direct observation and contemplation.

I'd love to read your thoughts 🙏

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