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Botanical Art Work, Original on Paper.


High above, amidst the embrace of clouds, floats the humble plantain. This herb, small yet mighty, is captured in a watercolor of remarkable scale, 22x30 inches, surrounded by the ghost of an arch. Its stems, roots, and leaves—a testament to resilience and utility—are rendered with exquisite detail, revealing the beauty in the everyday, the overlooked.


Inspired by the venerable "De Materia Medica," this painting bridges centuries, connecting us to Dioscorides, the ancient father of pharmacology. His work, a fusion of science and nature, illustrated in the 16th century, speaks to the enduring power of herbal medicine.

The plantain, often trodden underfoot, emerges here as a symbol of life's understated elegance. Within its foliage, the plantain offers healing, a testament to the notion that what is often overlooked holds profound benefits for us all.


This new watercolor, a homage to both art and science, to the knowledge passed down through ages, is a celebration of the plantain's quiet significance. It invites you to look closer, to discover the vast worlds contained within the simplest of herbs.

Discover this tribute to nature's unsung heroes on my website. Let it inspire you to find beauty and utility in the humblest of places.


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Botanical Art Work

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