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Add French charm to your home walls

🌞The sun cast its rays through the thick canopy of oak trees, as I was walking on this small French road. The warmth of the day is palpable, captured in the hues of ochre and sienna - except the ultramarine blue, all the colors are mineral. There is malachite in the forest! The dappled shadows and the sunbeams weave in an interplay of light and shade.

🤍This loving place in southern France always recalls serene memories of childhood, blessed by the beauty of nature. Imagine the painting on a wall, encased in a stylish frame, becoming a focal point of the room, drawing the eye and sparking conversation. All the pigments in this painting are natural.

🤍 The original is available. It is painted on Fabriano paper mounted on aluminum, US standards 24x20 inches, making it easy to frame and customize. It is easy to add French charm to your home walls! Contact us here.

Add French charm to your home walls with this forest road of oak trees in the countryside
French charm home walls oak forest road countryside

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