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After the winter storm

Updated: Apr 9

After the Winter storm ❄️

The last few days in New England have been hectic with a heavy storm and an earthquake coming from New York. The light snow didn’t hold but I was remembered of this painting:

As the snow gently blankets the earth, it transforms the landscape into a quiet dream. I’m excited to share a print that captures this magical moment - a field of dried flowers, standing resilient under a soft layer of snow. This image, originally 50 inches wide, is a testament to the beauty of nature’s contrasts and the quiet strength of life resting beneath the winter’s touch.

This week’s storm reminded me of the enchanting stillness that snow sometimes brings, instead of flood and broken trees or houses. and I hope this print brings a piece of that tranquility into your home. Available now on my website.

Stay cozy and inspired! 🌨️🌾

winter landscape poster with dried flowers and snow with a frame
winter landscape frame


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