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Capturing the night

Updated: Apr 4

My Lomography of the Day ! Capturing the night in New York.

I am thrilled to share an exciting milestone in my photographic journey—my 120 film photo of New York by night was featured as Lomography of the Day! This recognition is not just an honor, but a testament to the beauty and complexity of film photography, especially when it comes to capturing the essence of a city that never sleeps.

The winning shot was taken without the use of flash, relying solely on a long manual exposure to capture the vibrant life and luminous energy of New York after dark. This technique allowed me to play with light in its most natural form, creating a dynamic interplay of shadows and movements that bring the city's architecture and movement to life. The film is cinestill.

Shooting with 120 film has become a passion of mine. There's something incredibly satisfying about the physicality of the medium and the intentionality it demands. In a world dominated by digital, film photography feels like a rebellious act of preservation, a way to capture moments with a tangible sense of authenticity and timelessness. It's also a way to play with randomness, a thrill to discover the shot a few days or weeks after it has been made.

Night photography, especially with film, is a challenging endeavor. It requires patience, precision, and a deep understanding of your equipment and the environment. But the rewards are unparalleled—the way artificial lights paint the scene, the contrast between the illuminated and the obscure, and the sheer drama of it all. It's a reminder that beauty exists in the most fleeting moments, waiting to be immortalized on film.

Here's to many more nights of wandering, capturing, and celebrating the beauty of our world, one frame at a time.

Capturing the. night in New York with Fleur Thesmar's photos on film, manual exposure, cinestill
Capturing the. night in New York

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