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Four new small works available for the holidays!

Updated: Mar 24

I am so excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual Art Dash Saturday, December 19th at 6pm. This one-night-only event was created to directly provide support to New England visual artists from sales of their work. All works are priced at $100 and exhibiting artists will receive 100% of the proceeds from their sales. New small works!

Due to social distancing guidelines, this year’s evening event will be on Zoom, but will still offer the chance to get to know the artists and see all the artwork. You can also preview the works in person at Beacon Gallery (@beacongallery) on December 19th from 12-6.  

The event will begin on December 19th at 6pm starting with a viewing of the artwork. All attendees will receive the link and make their purchases at 6:30 sharp. Art Dash is guaranteed to be an event to remember. I hope you’ll join me online! Register on Eventbrite or Facebook or send me a message for the link! 

Eventbrite Link:

The artworks were custom framed by Andrew, in Cushing square, Belmont.

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