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Quiet moments: finishing a watercolor

Quiet moments: finishing of the ranunculus watercolor in the studio. This one is exhibited in Paris starting April 2024, but prints of other designs are available here.

In my studio, where quiet moments and creativity meet, I’ve captured the final touches of a ranunculus watercolor painting. Rendered in gentle, neutral shades, surrounded by the subtle presence of ivy berries and leaves, it speaks softly of nature’s understated elegance.

This piece, now reaching its completion, finds a moment of revelation as the paper is carefully detached from the board. It’s a simple act, yet a new thing appears in the world, ready to be seen and experienced. You can see the size of the watercolor, about 22x30 inches.

As this work leaves the safety of my studio, it carries with it the essence of the quiet, the beauty of the neutral, and the strength, the wilderness found in the delicate embrace of ivy.


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