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Simple time lapse?

Updated: Mar 24

A simple video of hand weaving...not that simple! Wall hangings are extraordinary pieces of art. They involve image design and weaving skills. Is it a simple time lapse of weaving?

I use an Ashford tapestry loom and organic yarns by Shepher's lamb, who make churro hand dyed yarn in New Mexico. The challenge was to bring modernity in a very subtle palette of natural tones.

The patterns I use are a geometry coming from 5 fold quasi periodic tilings. They provide interesting new notions in perspective. On the window still you can see the little watercolor sketch I use for my design.

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Tu es bien installée ! Ca me donne envie de reprendre la tapisserie surtout que j'ai reçu le livre de Rebecca Mezoff que je trouve vraiment pas mal...

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